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About three years ago I gave one of these to a friend. I have one that is about a metre tall at the moment and looks quite good. This morning the friend rang and said her's is top heavy and should it stand up or go along the ground. I have only seen it growing tall but wondered if anyone had experienced it growing as a prostrate plant? and if it might be worth the experiment? I think it would root wherever it touches the ground and might be quite effective.

Attached photo shows mine in 2007.

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this is an upright plant capable of growing to 2m or more. it does produce a few low braches but is in essence upright. it is has toppkes over it would be because if poor root development.... this may be expected due to excessive rain recently in most parts of qld and nsw. they like extremely well drained soils (on slopes of hills is best), full sun. If plant is too top heavy, consider thinning it a bit then replant one if the cuttings, or orop the plant back up. It is poisonous so taje care when handling the plant - wear gloves.

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